Holograms in Cinema 4D After Effects

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Hologram in Cinema 4D After Effects

Hologram in Cinema 4D After Effects. In this tutorial we show you how to use the power of the Cinema 4D Motion Graphics Effectors and After Effects to create a unique science fiction inspired hologram. Follow along as we cover how to use many of the powerful MoGraph tools built into Cinema 4D to take your motion graphic designs to the next level. We cover how to use cloners as well as effectors to animate dynamic motion without any manual animating. Using effectors to animate can be a very powerful tool in your motion graphics arsenal if you know how to use them. Once we show you how to work through the creative process of building your geometry, textures and animation we show you how to finish the piece off in After Effects which greatly boosts the appeal. Like any project we do our main goal is to teach you how to work with the tools and to learn how to create things that will help you in your own projects. We hope you enjoy this video and feel free to shoot us your thoughts or questions on the YouTube comment section for this video!

Hologram in Cinema 4D After Effects







  • Modo 901

    Initial Modeling

  • Cinema 4D & Octane

    Texturing and Lighting

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