Our Team at Glass Hand

Creative Director, Founder

Brandon Clements

Don't ask him questions about computer graphics. He won't stop talking...

Brandon received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue Polytechnic. While in college, Brandon worked at an international engineering firm creating production quality 3D animations for technology education. His enthusiastic approach to his work and his love for storytelling eventually lead him to want to create his own business for creating stunning 3D animations and effects for commercials and films. From his desire for artistic excellence in CGI, the idea for Glass Hand was born. After 7 years of running Glass Hand, Brandon decided to help startup "The 3 Productions", hired on as the Immersive Experience Lead/Technologist. Since its inception, Glass Hand has evolved to also offer photorealistic product visualization, and most recently interactive media to its clients.
At Glass Hand, Brandon is responsible for artistic direction, research, and creating captivating content. He oversees the artistic standards of our work making sure that every image we produce is of the upmost quality.
Business Manager, Co-Founder

Aaron J. Allen

The man with the plan...

Aaron Allen, Business Manager, Co-Founder
Aaron received a bachelor’s degree in Technical Theatre with emphasis on Lighting Design from Radford University. Aaron earned a Master’s in Business Administration degree from Indiana University Southeast. There, he was awarded the Outstanding MBA Graduate Award. He was also selected for membership to the international business honor fraternity, Beta Gamma Sigma. He has worked in the entertainment industry as local production manager, studio electrician, lighting designer, and systems installer. Aaron also has significant experience as a technical writer. At Glass Hand, Aaron is responsible for the business side of things, project management, and development.

Our Company

Glass Hand is dedicated to providing the highest quality CG images and animations to our clients.  Our attention to detail and thirst for learning is what sets us apart from our competition.

Unbelievable Believability

When making photo-real models and animations, we create each of our projects meticulously from the beginning, making sure that dimensions, textures, and lighting mimic the real-world.  This means taking the time to observe the world around us so that we can understand how to incorporate real-world imperfections into our work.  Those imperfections are what make our CG models look so unbelievably real.

We study photography, cinematography, lighting and other disciplines so that our animations look as if they were photographed or filmed in the real world.  With these concepts as our foundation, we can offer a product that defies the limitations of photography and film,  such as the ability to create an orbiting shot around a 700- lb piece of equipment suspended above the ground from nothing, or morphing between camera shots seamlessly.  This is what we refer to as “Unbelievable Believability”- which we strive for every day.

Thirst for Knowledge

Each week, we set aside time for learning about the newest software and techniques in CG and we translate those into our workflow.  We are not set in our ways about using specific software or hardware, but instead try to leverage the best of what each emerging tool has to offer into our workflow.  We feel that this approach makes us more adaptable to our clients’ needs and makes our work more efficient. But we don’t keep this information to ourselves.  We like to share our knowledge with the CG community.  When we learn new skills or techniques, we create tutorials to share with our online community.  We feel that in an ever changing industry, it is important to exchange information and experiences with others within our industry.