Octane Shader Scene

In this tutorial we cover how to work with a Octane Shader Scene. We have created a very easy method for working with this shader scene by creating custom controls through the use of Xpresso that bring most tools you would want to use into one place. Built into this scene is the ability to work with everything from Camera settings, lighting, light placement and post processing settings all from one panel within the attribute manager. Throughout this tutorial we also cover many types and styles of texture creation within the Octane node options. We cover many specifics on how to achieve the most realistic results in you shaders such as metals, plastics and IOR settings. Like any project we do our main goal is to teach you how to work with the tools and to learn how to create things that will help you in your own projects. We hope you enjoy this video and feel free to shoot us your thoughts or questions on the YouTube comment section for this video!

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  • Cinema 4D
  • Octane


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