GE Aviation

Glass Hand recently teamed up with Gary Miller from Eye Level Films to create a hologram shot for a new GE Aviation film.  The shot is of a hologram image projected into thin air.  In the shot, actors discuss the hologram as they are looking at it.  The shot is reminiscent of the R2D2 and BB-8 style projections seen in the Star Wars films.

Glass Hand was on set as FX supervisors for the shot.  We created an HDR of the space to capture lighting information.  We then developed the holographic image and motion-matched it to the footage that Gary had shot.  Once again, our attention to lighting and detail make the shot extremely believable as the reflections from the hologram can be seen on the actors’ faces.

This is not the first time that Glass Hand has worked on a project for GE Aviation.  In 2015, Glass Hand teamed up with Forest Giant, a Louisville based user experience and mobile phone application company.  Forest Giant created the user interfaces for a large GE Aviation center in Dubai, with Glass Hand providing all of the beautiful, game piece style images in the background.  Although we were not granted permission to showcase our work on our own website, it can be seen showcased at Forest Giant’s website.

June 2016