Carrier Ductless Systems with Doe Anderson

Carrier was set to unveil a great new residential ductless cooling system in only a matter of weeks. Since the product was not available, it was impossible to show the product in installation settings. This was important for the company because consumers have generally looked upon wall-mounted ductless units as eyesores, whereas Carrier’s new units were designed with aesthetics in mind.

The problem? How can we show potential customers how great our ductless system would look in their homes, since these units are yet to be installed in the field?   With less than a month to go until product release, this seemed impossible.

Our Solution:

With less than three-weeks until deadline, Glass Hand set out to recreate the system using CGI, and to create ten distinctive environments to showcase the system.

We began by creating a model of the ductless system. The model’s dimensions and textures match its real-world counterpart exactly. We also created a demonstration animation about how a system could be retrofitted into a building that could not be adapted with ductwork for a traditional HVAC system.

Next, we created 10 very distinct photo-real environments. Each environment was maliciously created to include realistic textures and lighting to showcase the versatility of the ductless system in various installation scenarios.

November 2014