Octane Network Rendering

In this tutorial we will cover the setting up of Octane Network Rendering using multiple machines to create animations in much shorter time frames. This tutorial is only important if you have more than one machine to hook up to Octane and is not the same as multi-card rendering in one machine. In this tutorial we cover how to get you computers communicating with one another once they are all setup on the same network and why all the machines must have the Octane render daemon setup. Without the proper render daemon running on each computer Octane network rendering is not possible. Once the machines can see each other on the network we walk through the process of how Octane uses these external units and how you can be use this setup to your advantage. Like any project we do our main goal is to teach you how to work with the tools and to learn how to create things that will help you in your own projects. We hope you enjoy this video and feel free to shoot us your thoughts or questions on the YouTube comment section for this video!

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  • Octane
  • Cinema 4D