Photorealistic Products Cinema 4D Octane

In this tutorial we will cover how to create photorealistic products in Cinema 4D & Octane. We cover everything from the ground up including how to model the pair of headphones using non-destructive methods inside of Cinema 4D. Although we do not cover every last detail of the modeling process we cover some of most important elements of how we modeled this pair of headphones inside of Cinema 4D. Once we briefly cover the creation process of the headphones we move on to the topic of lighting your scene inside of Cinema 4D. One of the biggest factors to making sure your products look realistic is to make sure that the model is correct scale. This greatly effects the lighting and shaders that you have in your scene, so make sure to have your objects to correct scale. The last subject we cover is the concept of shader creation and how to work with object saturation to create the most realistic renders possible. Like any project we do our main goal is to teach you how to work with the tools and to learn how to create things that will help you in your own projects. We hope you enjoy this video and feel free to shoot us your thoughts or questions on the YouTube comment section for this video!

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  • Cinema 4D
  • Octane