Tips and Tricks to Photorealistic Rendering MODO 901

In this tutorial we cover the topic of photorealistic rendering MODO 901 using MODO’s native renderer. Being able to create believable real world images is something that most people are highly interested in in the world of 3D. We hope that after watching this quick video on the tips and tricks in MODO 901 that you feel confident enough to tackle any project you will do in the future. We cover subjects such as lighting, image creation, HDR usage, and render settings out of MODO. If you want to see more videos on MODO please let us know on the comments section of this YouTube video and if there is enough interest we will keep doing them! Like any project we do our main goal is to teach you how to work with the tools and to learn how to create things that will help you in your own projects. We hope you enjoy this video and feel free to shoot us your thoughts or questions on the YouTube comment section for this video!

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