Vizualizing Food Product Renders Using Cinema 4D, Octane, and Fusion

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Motion Tracker Cinema 4D VFX Shot

Creating a Hologram in Cinema 4D and After Effects

Random Color Shader Octane 3 for Cinema 4D

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Intro into Substance Designer

Octane 3 Volumetric Lighting

Substance Designer into Octane C4D

Studio Lighting Cinema 4D Octane

Octane Skin Shader

Octane Shader Scene

Subsurface Scattering Cinema 4D Octane

Photorealistic Products Cinema 4D Octane

Octane Network Rendering

First Day In Octane Cinema 4D

Photorealistic Rendering Modo 901

Linear Workflow in Maya 2014

Grandfather Clock in Modo 901

Captain America’s Shield in Modo|Octane|C4D

Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber in C4D | Octane